Gyula Ortutay

* 1893. 12. 25. Hegygombás - + 1932. 12. 31. Buenos Aires
Father: István Ortutay I.
Mother: Mária Dudinszky
Brothers and sisters: István Ortutay II., Miklós Ortutay II., Anna Ortutay, Jolán Ortutay, Magda Ortutay, Sarolta Ortutay, Sándor Ortutay II., Jenő Ortutay, János Ortutay, Pál Ortutay, Tivadar Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Erászt László Ortutay
Wife: Mária Melles (+ 1980. high school teacher)
Children: Géza Ortutay, Márta Ortutay

Both the Manuscript from Tivadar Ortutay and the family history album of Mrs. Géza Ortutay cover his family. He was an officer in the town Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia), then he moved to Budapest. He was living there in 1923 when his son, Géza, was born. Later he emigrated to Argentina. They lived in province Missiones. Before his death he was in the German hospital of Buenos Aires for two months. It is likely that his wife, Mária is doughter of the famous Greek Catholic priest family, whose several members served in Kárpátalja. The children of Gyula and Mária are twins. The daughter, Márta was a elementary school teacher in Hasznos, Hungary. She was married. Her daughter, Márta Szamos married to Péter Katzenbach.

Ortutay Pál, Tivadar, János, Gyula
Ortutay Pál, Gyula, Tivadar


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