Sándor Ortutay II.

* 1886. 05. 20. Torna - + 1968. Budakeszi
Father: István Ortutay I.
Mother: Mária Dudinszky
Brothers and sisters: István Ortutay II., Miklós Ortutay II., Anna Ortutay, Jolán Ortutay, Magda Ortutay, Sarolta Ortutay, Gyula Ortutay, Jenő Ortutay, János Ortutay, Pál Ortutay, Tivadar Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Erászt László Ortutay
Wife: Jolán Cordines
Children: Katalin Ortutay, Éva Ortutay, Anikó Ortutay

He has a dedicated article in the book Ungvár és Ung vármegye. He was born in Torna from a family of a Greek Catholic priest. He studied in Ungvár and Munkács. In 1907 he was employed with MÁV, the Hungarian State Railways. An almanach of this company from 1911, titled Magyar vasúti alamnach és sematizmus mentioned him from this year as vice railways officer of the station in Nagyberezna. Fter the 1st World War, when Kárpátalja including Ungvár become part of Czechoslovakia, he denied to swear faith to the new state, so he was dismissed from the Railways. After the Hungarian re-annection of the area, he was the head officer of the railways station of Ungvár from 1938. He retired in 1944. After this he lived in Budakeszi until his death in 1968. We have just a very few information about his family from the Manuscript of Tivadar Ortutay. His daughter, Katalin married a director physician, dr. Gyula Balogh. She died in 1975. Their child, Anikó Balogh was an adjunct professor in a university, and she has married dr. Elemér Nagy, a researcher engineer.
Sándor's second daughter, Éva married Jenő Kőkuti, a pharmacist and died in 1978. They had a daughter, Katalin Kőkuti.
The third daughter, Anikó married Miklós Boronkay, they left Hungary and lived in Australia.


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