Miklós Ortutay II.

*? - + 1964 Poprád
Father: István Ortutay I.
Mother: Mária Dudinszky
Brothers and sisters: István Ortutay II., Anna Ortutay, Jolán Ortutay, Magda Ortutay, Sarolta Ortutay, Sándor Ortutay II., Gyula Ortutay, Jenő Ortutay, János Ortutay, Pál Ortutay, Tivadar Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Erászt László Ortutay
Wife: Blanka Kozempl (* ? - + 1958 Poprád)
Children: Edit Ortutay, Gabriella Ortutay, Miklós Ortutay III., István Ortutay III.

Tivadar Ortutay mentions him and his family in his Manuscript. They were living in Poprád (Slovakia) and Miklós died in a convalescent hospital in the Tatra Mountains. His older daughter, Edit was married to N. Stojan and they emigrated to West Germany. The younger daughter, Gabriella was married to N. Fleischer and they lived also in West Germany.


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