Ágnes Ortutay

* around 1978 Nagyszőlős
Father: László Ortutay
Mother: Erzsébet Kabay
Brother and sister: István Ortutay, Erzsébet Ortutay

An endocrinologist doctor in the hospital of Nagyszőlős. She has maturated in the Hungarian School in Nagyszőlős. Since his father was a priest, and she is Hungarian, she didn't have a chance to learn in the State University of Ungvár in the Soviet times, so she studied in the University of Tartu, Estonia as a medica. Later she went back to Nagyszőlős, where she serves as a physician. The weekly magazine, Kárpátalja, published an interview with her in 2005. V. 30. (237.) in Hungarian, which is an excellent source of information.


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