Sándor (Alexander) Ortutay

*1816 (Alsó-Remete ?) - + 1889 Misztice
Father: Illés Ortutay
Mother: unknown
Brother: János Ortutay I. ?
Wife: unknown

Greek Catholic priest, mentioned in the Manuscript of Tivadar Ortutay. He is mentioned in the Schematismus of the Curch from 1842 as 4th grade finishing student of Theology in Ungvár. He was consecrated as priest in 1843. He served with his father in Alsó-Remete from 1842-1863. Later between 1863-1889 he was in Misztice where he had died. It is possible that he is the same person who is the founder of the third branch from Kárpátalja according to the place and time of his living.


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