The first family tree from Kárpátalja

This family tree is the most complete from the family branch of Kárpátalja, and it is likely that it is possible to connect the two other to this one. I had a success to contact several living siblings of this family who helped me to reconstruct the genealogy.

There are also a few genealogists in this branch of the family, i had lots of data from their results. First of all I have to mention András and Tivadar Ortutay, who were able to grub several documents. I can know these only from their works, since the original documents are destroyed since than or they are not available now. I have got a great help from Réka Ortutay. I have consulted with her several times and who provided me the pages from manuscript of Tivadar Ortutay.
This branch of family is originated from Kárpátalja, but due to the unfortunate history of the area, almost none of the descendants live there anymore. Most of them are relocated to Hungary some others live in Slovakia. There are several known people from this family. Jenő and Elemér Ortutay, the two martyr priest from Ungvár, or Gyula Ortutay (Lovass) the known writer are among them.


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