Fate of priests under the signs of swastika and red star

A book about priests during the two big dictatorships in Hungary of the 20th century. Priests are commemorated in this book, who were killed, tortured, or who's life made other ways miserable in Hungary during those dark ages. The author, Károly Hetényi Varga, himself was not spared by these events. The communist secret police arrested him, and he was convinced because of possessing indexed books. He devoted his life for the martyrs, and he has collected the life stories of more than two thousands catholic priests, monks, and nuns, who were killed either because of their faith, or because they didn't want to deny the people they served in their lives. He has presented his findings in a series of books.

The first volume reports the events, among others, which took place in the Greek Catholic Diocese of Munkács, and here we can find details about Jenő Ortutay, Elemér Ortutay, and István Ortutay, all Greek Catholic priests from Kárpátalja. They were imprisoned in the lagers of Gulag by the Soviet aggressors. Jenő has died somewhere there, István has survived, but died soon after he was released because of the tortures. Elemér was alone the one, who outlived the communist dictatorship, which had tried to erase his family, his loved ones, his faith, his very existence. He was able to survive, and see the dawn of freedom in Ukraine, where he was finally allowed to practice the Catholic rites, and die as a Hungarian, what he was all along during the decades of oppression.
This book presents the stories of more than 150 other people from Kárpátalja. Rusins, Slovaks, Romanians, Hungarians, all of them were sharing the fate of our Ortutay martyrs. Other chapters of this book contains the personal history of approximately 600 people from other parts of Hungary.


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