János Ortutay II.

*1827. 9. 29. Bisztra. - ?
Father: János Ortutay I.
Mother: Anna Demánovics
Brothers and sisters: Cecília Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Terézia Ortutay, Mihály Ortutay, Anna Ortutay, Péter Ortutay, Miklós Ortutay, Dénes Ortutay
Wife: Eleonóra Leikó (*1831. 7. 11. Magyarizsép - ?, Marriage: 1850. Magyarizsép)
Children: István Ortutay I., András Ortutay I.

Gulag Lexikon by János Rózsás

This book was published in 2000 by the publisher Püski and it discuss the fate of civils sentenced to penal servitude by the soviet authorities after 1945. The author collected data about four thousands of tens of thousands victimas and presented it in his book.

János Ortutay I.

*1798. - +1889. Nevicke
Father: Illés Ortutay or Sándor Ortutay
Mother: unknown
Brother: Sándor Ortutay ?
Wife: Anna Demjánovics
Children: Cecília Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Terézia Ortutay, Mihály Ortutay, Anna Ortutay, Péter Ortutay, Miklós Ortutay, Dénes Ortutay, János Ortutay II.


Members of family Ortutay are traditionally Catholic. While the “poor” branch from Kárpátalja is Greek Catholic, people in the “rich” branch from Arad are Roman Catholic.

Sándor (Alexander) Ortutay

*1816 (Alsó-Remete ?) - + 1889 Misztice
Father: Illés Ortutay
Mother: unknown
Brother: János Ortutay I. ?
Wife: unknown

Manuscript from Tivadar Ortutay

One of my data sources is the genealogical manuscript from Tivadar Ortutay. The typewritten material was produced in 1983 and include the majority of descendants of the family branch from Kárpátalja.

Data sources

I have got data about the family from several different resources. Most of them are naturally originated from family stories or revelations of relatives.

Illés Ortutay

Father: unknown
Mother: unknown
Wife: unknown
Children: János Ortutay I., Sándor Ortutay

The first family tree from Kárpátalja

This family tree is the most complete from the family branch of Kárpátalja, and it is likely that it is possible to connect the two other to this one. I had a success to contact several living siblings of this family who helped me to reconstruct the genealogy.

Main branches of the family

Early history of the family can be reconstructed mainly via the clerics from the family. The earliest known members are Greek catholic priests, their data (mainly just names, places and year of services) are available from schematisms, listings and other documents of the Church.

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