A visit to Kárpátalja

Ungvár templombelső
Perecseny és Nagyberezna
Munkácsi vár
Munkács, Rákóczi emlékmű
Munkács várudvar

In this summer Mihály Ortutay has made a trip to Kárpátalja visiting the land of our ancestors, several places which play important role both in the history of our family and the Hungarian nation. He kindly provided us some of the photos he has taken there, so we can also make a virtual trip in these places.

The following places are seen in the slideshow:
Rákó (Rakovo) – In the 1910s Dezső and Miklós Ortutay were born here.
Ungvár (Uzshorod) – Since this place had a central role in the life of Hungarians in Kárpátalja, our family has also several connection to this place. Several members of the family was born here, but this is also the place for the seminary, where our Greek Catholic priests were studing. Péter Ortutay, who spent a part of his childhood in Ungvár said me: My mother (Gabriella Vitéz) went to Ungvár in 1941, which was a treasure box those days. As aunt Baby phrased: Those days in Ungvár lived the Ortutay relatives, and the rest of the people.” Those days are passed. Perhaps somebody still remember us there, but the majority of the family has already left Ungvár.
Munkács (Mukacheve) – This is the famous place where Ilona Zrínyi had defended the fortress against the Austrian army in 1686-1688. I was also an important place of Rákóczi, his son, during his uprising (1701-1711). István Ortutay of Dorog and Ortutó was a priest here, and Sándor Ortutaty studied in the high-school of the town.
Perecseny – András and Attila Ortutay were born here.
Nagyberezna (Velikij Bereznij) – Magda Ortutay was married here. It has a Greek Catholic priest Jehven Melles, a relative of our family), in 1940s, in the time of Soviet occupation. He was sentenced to 25 years of penal servitude in 1950, where he has died.
Turjaremete – It is an idyllic place in the valley of creek Turja.
Thank you Mihály for the pictures!


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