Gulag Lexikon by János Rózsás

This book was published in 2000 by the publisher Püski and it discuss the fate of civils sentenced to penal servitude by the soviet authorities after 1945. The author collected data about four thousands of tens of thousands victimas and presented it in his book.

Our family was affected multiple times. Kárpátalja, where one of the branch lived went from Hungary to Czechoslovakia after the treaty of Trianon in 1920, and in the World War II Hungary recaptured it. After 1945 the area was annexed by the USSR which persecuted the Hungarian people in the area, and managed to almost completely eliminate them. Several thousands of ethnic Hungarians were deported to lagers in Siberia, including Jenő, Elemér and István Ortutay, who were Greek Catholic priests there and this way especially regarded as enemies of the communist system. Jenő Ortutay also was a representative of the place in the Parliament of Hungary during the war. The book summarizes their fate in a few sentences and makes more tangible the cruelty of the soviet system which destroyed history culture and families in the affected countries.


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