Two letters from the beginning of the 19. century

I have found two old letters in the index of the Greek Catholic Archives of Hajdúdorog, which is actually located now in Nyíregyháza.

The first letter having the registry number 565, and it is giving a permission for marriage of Demeter Farkas and Mária Ortutay, who were fourth grade relatives. The second letter, with number 1328, is an official issue related to György Ortutay, a soldier. In fact I have located a third letter, with registry number 1338, which is a loan related request from Mrs Tanovics, written in 22. May. 1820, and which is related to the debts of János Ortutay. The mentioned György and Maria, and probably also János, are children of János Ortutay, who was a Greek Catholic priest in Timár. He is the earliest known father of the tree of the family branch from Arad, therefore these letters are important information sources for the earliest history of the family. The first two letters were photographed and mailed me by Attila Ortutay. They were transcribed and translated to Hungarian by the service of the LatinfordItás Office.


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