Main branches of the family

Early history of the family can be reconstructed mainly via the clerics from the family. The earliest known members are Greek catholic priests, their data (mainly just names, places and year of services) are available from schematisms, listings and other documents of the Church.

Greek catholic priests can have their own family, as we see in the branch of the family from Kárpátalja, but these documents familiar relationships of these priest do not contain. Now the earliest known member of the family is Illés Ortutay, who is mentioned from 1792 as priest at Alsó-Remete.
There are two big branches which can be reconstructed from matricular data: a branch from Kárpátalja and another one from Arad. At the moment I do not know much details about the family from Arad. Its earliest member is János Ortutay, a Greek catholic priest who has died in 1799. This branch was rich land owner, its members were converted to Roman catholic rite early. They can be located at the area of Arad.
The branch of Kárpátalja (Subcharpatia - Zakarpattia Oblast) contains three relative big family trees. I am myself a descendant of this branch. They kept the Greek rite of the catholic religion almost till now. Almost all generation of this branch have a priest member with a family. I can into the three trees into a big one, but the joint point can not be proven at the moment from documents.
The family history has a court case about a dominium. The documents of this case were found by Tivadar Ortutay in the library of Eperjes (Presov). According to his report, the case was filed during the Rákóczi uprising, so between 1703 and 1711. I could not find the original documents yet.
According to Réka Ortutay, one member of the family has got nobility from Leopold Habsburg II. in 1792, but I havent seen the proofs yet.
According to the documents from „Családnévváltoztatások Magyarországon 1800-1893” (Family name changes in Hungary 1800-1893) Vilmos Spellenberg from Tiba has changed his name to Ortutai with the permission of Ministry of Interior Affairs. Descendats of this persons are not known, but it is possible that he was a founder an independent branch of Ortutai (which could be changed later to Ortutay) family.


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