Legend of the family

I have got this legend from Reka Ortutay but the source is not known.

According to this, the family Ortutay has tatar roots and also the name has a tatar origin. One of the tatar languages is supposed to have a stem “ortu” or “ortut”. So, according to the legend the first Ortutay was a tatar warlord who served Rákóczi or Báthory under their independence uprising. For his services this warlord was given a domain in the Hungarian Upperland now Slovakia, together with nobility. The domain would be the village Ortuto or Otutova in Slovakian, this is the place where the family Ortutay is coming from.
We have to highlight the questionable points of the legend. First of all, the place name of Ortuto is thought to originate from the Slovak name of mercury (ortut) which was mined earlier around that area. Contrary it is true, that there were tatar army served under Báthory from the Crimea, and he really can give them (or a prominent member of them) domain from the area of Ortuto. It is also true that a dominium letter exists for a branch of the family, but I haven't found further proof than oral history.


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