dorogi és ortutói István Ortutay

*1894. 02. 28. Ungdaróc - + 1967. Ungvár
Father: András Ortutay I.
Mother: ?
Brother: Miklós Ortutay I.
Wife: geszerádi Erzsébet Szilvay
Children: dorogi és ortutói Iván Ortutay, dorogi és ortutói András Ortutay

Greek Catholic priest. According to the reports of Royal Catholic Grammar School (Gimnasium) he was their student in the school year of 1905-1906 in the class 2a. According to his school report he was learning Ruthenian (Rusyn) language. There is an article in the sociography titled Ungvár és Ung vármegye. He was a sick nurse during the World War I. He leaned theology in Ungvár. After his ordination he was a vice-priest in Munkács, Dombrótelek, Nagyturjaszög and Ujszemerén. After 1925 he was the parish priest of Kapuszög. He was the president of the consumers' association (fogyasztási szövetkezet) of Ungvár, and landlord of 24 acres of estates. After the Soviet annexion of Kárpátalja, Greek Catholic priests were forced to disavow the unity with Rome and enter to the Orthodox Church. István Ortutay didn't obey, so he was arrested in 1949. He was convinced for 25 years on Gulag. He has spent his penance in the lagers of Tajset in Siberia. He was allowed to go home only in 1956. His case was presented in the Gulag Lexikon by János Rózsás on page 281.


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