A sociography about Ungvár and Ung county

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This book titled “Ungvár és Ung vármegye” was printed by
Vármegyei szociográfiák kiadóhivatala in Budapest, and edited by
Antal Csikvári in 1940, after the re-occupation of Kárpátalja by the
Hungarian army.

Interestingly one of the writers of the series is
Gyula Ortutay, head of the ethnograpy group of the Hungarian
Radio Ltd, who was later the minister of religion and education
between 1947-1950. Another writer of the book is Tivadar
Ortutay, who has contributed to our family history with three
autobiographies and one manuscript about the family.
The sociography contains four articles about family members on
the page 156. They are:

  • dorogi és ortutói István Ortutay, Greek Catholic priest of Kapuszög
  • Sándor Ortutay, director of railways station of Ungvár
  • dorogi és ortutói Tivadar Ortutay, accounting general of the town
    Ungvár, the aforementioned writer of the sociograpy
  • Tivadar Ortutay, the school director of Palágy


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