János Ortutay II.

*1827. 9. 29. Bisztra. - ?
Father: János Ortutay I.
Mother: Anna Demánovics
Brothers and sisters: Cecília Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Terézia Ortutay, Mihály Ortutay, Anna Ortutay, Péter Ortutay, Miklós Ortutay, Dénes Ortutay
Wife: Eleonóra Leikó (*1831. 7. 11. Magyarizsép - ?, Marriage: 1850. Magyarizsép)
Children: István Ortutay I., András Ortutay I.

Greek Catholic priest, ordinated in 1850. He worked between 1851 and 1856 in Nagytornya, and between 1856 and 1895 in Zebegnyő (or Szécstanóka). He was curate with the vicar of Máramarossziget. He is mentioned both in the manuscripts of Tivadar Ortutay and Mrs Gézáné Ortutay. He is presented in Mini Schematismus by Jurij Čisárik aas Joannes Ortutay.


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