István Ortutay II.

*? - + 1941. 03. 05. Hegygombás
Father: István Ortutay I.
Mother: Mária Dudinszky
Brothers and sisters: Miklós Ortutay II., Anna Ortutay, Jolán Ortutay, Magda Ortutay, Sarolta Ortutay, Sándor Ortutay II., Gyula Ortutay, Jenő Ortutay, János Ortutay, Pál Ortutay, Tivadar Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Erászt László Ortutay
Wife: Andrea Dudits (* ? - + 1917. 11. 17. Ungvár)
Children: Andrea Ortutay, Kamilla Ortutay, László Ortutay

Greek catholic priest. He was a student of class 2A in the Royal Catholic Giiimnasium of Ungvár (Ungvári Kir. Kat. Főgimnázium) in the years 1905-1906 according to the annales of the school published by Mihály Románecz. He is presented in Mini Schematismus by Juraj Čisárik as Stephanus Ortutay. He was priest in Mátyócvajkóc (1910-1916), Hegygombás (1916-1925), Klokocsóvölgy (1925-1936) and Szécsudvar (1936-1940).


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