Géza Gyula József Ortutay

* 1923. 07. 22. Budapest - + 1999. 10. 06. Perland, Texas USA
Father: Gyula Ortutay
Mother: Mária Melles
Sister: Márta Ortutay
Wife: Terese Prüger (marriage: házasságkötés: 1950. 07. 01. Lima, Peru)
Children: Mária Agáta Rita Ortutay (* 1950. 12. 1. Buenos Aires, Argentína), Sophia Julia Henriette Ortutay (* 1953. 01. 27. Lima, Peru)

He had an eventful life. He was born in Budapest, he was in a German language nursery and elementary school in Pozsony (now Bratislava, Slovakia). He moved to Argentina with his parents, then after the death of his father, in 1933, they moved back to Ungvár, belonging those years to Czechoslovakia. He spent his high school years in Győr (Hungary), and after Ungvár and East Karpatia was returned to Hungary again, after 21 years. (The Treaty of Trianon took this part away of Hungary, to be part of the newly created Czechoslovakia, in 1918.) He learned law in the University of Debrecen (Hungary). The family intended him to be an officer of the power plant of Ungvár, which was owned by family Ortutay jointly with a German family. Before his final exams he was enlisted to the army and he was a German interpreter in the headquarters. After the war he lived in Austria, then in Italy. He wanted to go back to Argentina, but he couldn't get a visa, because a family member, Gyula Ortutay was a minister in the Hungarian communist government. He went to Peru in February of 1947. He has married Terese Prüger in Lima. His first daughter was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the parents of Terese were living. She was born in exactly the same hospital, where Géza's father had died 18 years earlier. According to the family legendary, this was a fulfillment of a prophecy in the family. Géza was director of hotels in Peru until 1962. Then they moved to the USA, where he was resident manager for Sheraton Hotels in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Fort Worth.
Géza and Terese have two daughters. Mária Agáta Rita Ortutay is a language teacher, married to Johh Robert Thibodeau in 1972. 06. 24. Their children are Alexis Marie Thibodeau (* 1976. 08. 03), Stephen Ortutay Thibodeau (* 1978. 09. 18.), Edward Ortutay Thibodeau (* 1983. 03. 18.) and Anne Therese Thibodeau (* 1986. 09. 24.). Sophia Julia Henriette Ortutay learned biology, and married to Michael Hastings Rohr in 1977. 07. 09. Their children are Julia Michelle Rohr (* 1980. 04. 22), Andrew Ortutay Rohr (* 1982. 09. 12.) and Nicholas Albert Rohr (* 1984. 09. 10.).

Ortutay Géza & Terese Prüger
Ortutay Géza


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