Béla Ortutay I

* 1918. 11. 07. Ungvár? - + ~1969. Budapest?
Father: Jenő Ortutay
Mother: Ilona Papp
Brother and sister: Angyalka Ortutay, Elemér Ortutay
Wife: Katalin Hegedűs
Children: Béla Ortutay II

He was a soccer player well known in his time. His sport career started in Beregszászi Futball és Tenisz Club (BFTC), the football club of Beregszász. Later he has played in teams in Budapest, among others the famous Ferencvárosi Torna Club, or Fradi, as it is known in Hungary. He has played in that team in Hungarian First Class in the season of 1939/1940, and his team has won the Cup. He was a professional just for a short time, but later he played as amateur for several years. We know hardly anything about his life later. His son, Béla Ortutay II (*1948. 10. 30) is an editor and bibliographer according to the database of the Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum (Museum of Literature). His grandchildren are Réka (*1974), Romola (*1975) and Marcell (*1986).

Ortutay Béla I


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