János Ortutay I.

*1798. - +1889. Nevicke
Father: Illés Ortutay or Sándor Ortutay
Mother: unknown
Brother: Sándor Ortutay ?
Wife: Anna Demjánovics
Children: Cecília Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Terézia Ortutay, Mihály Ortutay, Anna Ortutay, Péter Ortutay, Miklós Ortutay, Dénes Ortutay, János Ortutay II.

Greek Catholic priest, ordinated in 1823. He was vicar before 1835 in Úkemence. After that he was priest in Verchovina-Bisztra, and later in Nevicke. He is mentioned both in the manuscripts of Tivadar Ortutay and Mrs Gézáné Ortutay, but they do not agree whether János was son or brother of Sándor.


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