The family Ortutay

This book presents the results of my research on the history of our family Ortutay.

Béla Ortutay I

Ortutay Béla I

* 1918. 11. 07. Ungvár? - + ~1969. Budapest?
Father: Jenő Ortutay
Mother: Ilona Papp
Brother and sister: Angyalka Ortutay, Elemér Ortutay
Wife: Katalin Hegedűs
Children: Béla Ortutay II

Fate of priests under the signs of swastika and red star

A book about priests during the two big dictatorships in Hungary of the 20th century. Priests are commemorated in this book, who were killed, tortured, or who's life made other ways miserable in Hungary during those dark ages. The author, Károly Hetényi Varga, himself was not spared by these events. The communist secret police arrested him, and he was convinced because of possessing indexed books. He devoted his life for the martyrs, and he has collected the life stories of more than two thousands catholic priests, monks, and nuns, who were killed either because of their faith, or because they didn't want to deny the people they served in their lives. He has presented his findings in a series of books.

Elemér Ortutay

* 1916. 06. 02. Drahovo (Kövesliget) - + 1997. 01. 254. Ungvár
Father: Jenő Ortutay
Mother: Ilona Papp
Brother and sister: Angyalka Ortutay, Béla Ortutay I
Wife: Gabriella Vitéz
Children: Péter Ortutay, Tamás Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Jenő Ortutay, Csaba Ortutay

File number 1328. from the Greek Catholic Archives of Hajdúdorog

This letter was written in Latin on 12. February 1805 by Józsf Király, the vicecomes (a kind of juridical officer) of Nagykálló.

File number 565. from the Greek Catholic Archives of Hajdúdorog

This letter was written in Latin on 5. May 1804 by András Bacsinszky (1732-1809), the Greek Catholic bishop of Ungvár. It is addressed to János Kircsfalusy, the parish priest of Hajdúdorog.

Two letters from the beginning of the 19. century

I have found two old letters in the index of the Greek Catholic Archives of Hajdúdorog, which is actually located now in Nyíregyháza.

Jenő Ortutay

Jenő Ortutay and his family

* 1889. 05. 03. Tarna (now in Slovakia) - + 1950. 12. 24. Abes (lager in Komi Autonomous Republic, Soviet Union, now Russia)
Father: István Ortutay I.
Mother: Mária Dudinszky
Brothers and sisters: Miklós Ortutay II., Anna Ortutay, Jolán Ortutay, Magda Ortutay, Sarolta Ortutay, Sándor Ortutay II., Gyula Ortutay, István Ortutay II., János Ortutay, Pál Ortutay, Tivadar Ortutay, Mária Ortutay, Erászt László Ortutay
Wife: Ilona Papp (* ? - + 1960 Ungvár)
Children: Angyalka Ortutay (* 1915 - + 1935 Ungvár), Elemér Ortutay, Béla Ortutay I

Family members in Hungarian politics

Some members of our family were active in political life. According to the books of Országgyűlési Almancah, which records the work in the modern Hungarian parliament from 1867 to now, there were three Ortutay family members participating in this work.

Géza Gyula József Ortutay

Ortutay Géza

* 1923. 07. 22. Budapest - + 1999. 10. 06. Perland, Texas USA
Father: Gyula Ortutay
Mother: Mária Melles
Sister: Márta Ortutay
Wife: Terese Prüger (marriage: házasságkötés: 1950. 07. 01. Lima, Peru)
Children: Mária Agáta Rita Ortutay (* 1950. 12. 1. Buenos Aires, Argentína), Sophia Julia Henriette Ortutay (* 1953. 01. 27. Lima, Peru)

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